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Trafalgar Night 2021



    On Saturday 6th November The Trinity Mariners hosted, by popular demand, another superb Trafalgar celebration. Somehow eight years had slipped by since the previous Trafalgar Night, so the same format was used.


Forty five diners sat to enjoy dinner at The Centre Spot Club in Dover Athletic Football Club ground, a new venue for our Mariners .








The meal was followed by the tradition tribute and toast to Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson which was given by Chris Saville



A sketch by our Master, John Turner, as Nelson and our Junior Warden, Albert Thorpe, as Hardy followed the toast. The theme of the sketch was 'Heath and Safety concerns at Trafalgar' should it have been in the twenty first century. The prospect of scaffold towers in the rigging and equal opportunities etc. was hilarious! 


The traditional naval anthems were then sung, 'Heart of Oak', 'Rule Britannia' etc to much flag waving!

Finally we were entertained by the duo 'Cuda' who played a variety of rock and pop. This did not stop Graham Skelton (centre) and Albert Thorpe (right) gatecrashing the duo and showing they could do the same!

A good night was had by all, shown by how few people left before the end. !


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