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Father and Son


In a most unusual ceremony our Master, John Turner, initiated his son, Daniel, into Freemasonry and The Trinity Mariners' Lodge in particular. In masonic terms Daniel is said to be a 'Lewis' as the son of a mason.


Father and Son





It had always been John's wish to initiate Daniel during his year as Master, and as soon as was possible after Daniel reached the age of twenty one. This did not appear possible when circumstances meant that John had to resign from Trinity Mariners and join Middleton Manor in Sittingbourne. However, John managed to find the time to rejoin his Mother Lodge and by kind agreement of the intended Master for 2012, was able to resume his intention to take office this year. Mike Goodwin, the Senior Warden, allowed John to go directly from Junior Warden to the Mastership and will take office in 2013.





Forty masons, including several guests from Middleton Manor saw Daniel initiated in a most sincere manner by his father, The festive board was most enjoyable with the correct balance of humour and decorum and celebrations lasted long after the formal parts of the evening were over. It is hoped to broaden Daniel's horizons by Middleton Manor completing Daniel's second degree at a date to be decided.


Good news continues for Trinity Mariners with another candidate and a joining member successfully balloted for and a request from another to join our happy band.








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