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 (From the first 25 years booklet)


Histories of Lodges are customarily written to commemorate centenaries, often to mark Golden Jubilees, but only occasionally to record the twenty-five years because, usually, there is little history to record.



It is hoped that this booklet will assist the authors of future publications, when writing the Lodge's history, by stating the thinking and motivation the Founders in forming the Lodge, and setting down the few salient facts relating to the Lodge.
Trinity House Pilots were self employed and required to report for duty, at short notice, at any hour of the day or night. This meant that their assured presence at Lodge meetings could not be guaranteed and, unfortunately, senior members of the Craft in Dover at this time were prepared to make little allowance for the demands made by the requirements of shipping. Consequently, whilst a considerable number of Pilots were Masons, progression through the offices leading to the Master's chair was difficult in all the Dover Lodges, and even resisted in some.

In 1970 after a meeting of the Cinque Ports Pilots' Committee, four masonic members of the committee, W.Bro. C.R.R. Macauley, W.Bro. L.O. Thornton, Bro. C.R. Dench and Bro. J.A. Edmondson considered a suggestion of the latter that there should be a Lodge exclusively for Pilots, each of whom, being aware of the problems created by their profession, would be prepared to cover for absent Brethren.

The general idea meeting with approval, it was agreed that Pilots on the Cinque Ports and Medway stations who were members of the Craft should be approached to ascertain their interest in, and support for, founding a Lodge for Pilots.

When sufficient interest was expressed it was arranged that, in the first instance, Bro. Edmondson, being a neighbour of W.Bro. F.H.C. Woollaston, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, should approach him to float the idea of the Lodge and gain a first reaction. W.Bro. Woollaston, after appropriate questioning and being satisfied with the answers, agreed on behalf of the interested Brethren to discuss the matter with W.Bro. F.W. Friday, an Assistant Provincial Grand Master. He viewed the proposal with enthusiasm and a few days later two of the Pilots, Bro. N.R. Knowles and Bro. Edmondson, with W.Bro. Woollaston, went to visit W.Bro. Friday for a more detailed discussion of the project.

W.Bro. Friday expressed a reservation that membership of the Lodge should be expressly restricted to Pilots, saying that the day might come when there would be no Trinity House Pilots, an idea which, to the two Pilots, seemed rather far fetched as the service had been in existence for more than 450 years. The percipience of W.Bro. Friday was remarkable. Within twenty years an Act of Parliament had abolished the existing pilotage authorities, including Trinity House, and had placed the previously self-employed Pilots under the jurisdiction of Port Authorities. Fortunately, the two Pilots accepted W.Bro. Friday's advice and it was agreed that membership would be unrestricted but, hopefully, joining members and candidates would have some connection with the sea.

The Provincial Office in Maidstone, however, did not share the enthusiasm for this proposed new Lodge, pointing out that there were no Provincial Officers and only four Past Masters among the would-be Founders. Problems were raised over the place for the consecration of the Lodge, then, due to the commitments of the Provincial Grand Master, a date for consecration. One of the problems facing the Founders was where to hold meetings of the Lodge. Canterbury was the preferred location although, for various reasons this and Dover had to be ruled out, but an approach to the management committee at Grace Hill, Folkestone, was favourably received and it was agreed that the Lodge would meet there on the second Saturday in the months of February (Installation), April, June, October and December.

Due to the time taken in resolving details and carrying out the necessary work involved in preparing the Petition and the imminence of the date for consecration, the original idea to invite a Folkestone Lodge to be the sponsoring Lodge had to be abandoned and, again due to the guidance and support of W.Bro. Friday, this role was performed by The United Industrious Lodge, No. 31, Canterbury.

Eventually, due to the very great help of W.Bro. Friday and W.Bro. Woollaston each of the hurdles was surmounted and the way was clear to the consecration.

In the meantime, meeting at the Crown and Sceptre Inn in Elms Vale, Dover, a series of rehearsals of the consecration ceremony, as far as the Founders were concerned, was held under the direction of W.Bro. Woollaston, a final rehearsal being held in the Connaught Room at Dover Town Hall on 29th November 1971.

There followed lunch in the Stone Hall after which, assisted by members of the Provincial Executive and Provincial Officers of the Province of Kent, the Lodge was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. The Lord Cornwallis, K.C.V.0., K.B.E., M.C., in the Connaught Room.

W.Bro. J.C.H. Twallin, P.D.G.D.C., Deputy Provincial Grand Master then installed W.Bro. Walter Ernest Blewer as the first Master of the Lodge, an office he was to hold until February 1973, neither of the two Wardens having served twelve months in that office by February '972.



Worshipful Master + W. Bro. Walter Ernest Blewer
Immediate Past Master + W. Bro. Charles Robert Ridgeway Macauley
Senior Warden +Bro. John Alfred Edmondson
Junior Warden *+ Bro. Clifford Eastwood
Chaplain +Bro. Colin Alfred Rhodes
Treasurer + Bro. Gordon Clarence Leon Greenham
Secretary + W. Bro. Norman Wallace Stanley
Director of Ceremonies + W. Bro. Paul James
Senior Deacon + Bro. John Webster Walker
Junior Deacon +Bro. Henry Peter Mason Lawrence.
Almoner *+Bro. Norman Richard Knowles
Assistant Secretary + Bro. Ernest John McConnell
Inner Guard + Bro. Ronald George Terry
Organist *+Bro. Norman Ivan Bainbridge
Stewards + Bro. Henry Griffiths, D.S.C., D.S.M
+ Bro. John Colin Attwood
+Bro. Eric Mutter
Tyler + Bro. William Cyril Munn
* Resigned   + Deceased  



Major events in the first 25 years to be catalogued.


Major events in the Lodge history since the first 25 years so be catalogued and expanded upon.


1997 John Attwood gains Grand Rank

1997 John Edmondson gains Grand Rank

1998 Passing Ceremony for Bro Collier conducted under a leaking roof with the deacons avoiding buckets on the floor whilst conducting the candidate, truly "for those in peril on the sea"

1998 Visit by RWBro. John Bonomy OBE, JP Provincial Grand Master,

2001 Presentation of the Lodge firing glasses by John Backhouse.

2003 The loss of the firing glasses and the subsequent refusal of the masonic hall company to entertain full or partial compensation. Sadly Maurice Miles (past  Secretary) and Norman Stanley (founding Secretary) both sail for uncharted waters.

2004 The Lodge is removed to Dover in consequence of the above.

2004 Chris Saville is made the Lodge's first Provincial Steward since John Attwood who died sadly as the result of a fall.

2005 John Edmondson receives Grand Lodge promotion to PJGD. The Lodge adopts the practice of holding a "white table" social Christmas lunch at the December meeting.

2007 Presentation of silver square and compasses by Betty Mutter in memory of Eric (founding Steward) who had  sailed for uncharted waters .

2007 Chris Saville is promoted to active Provincial Grand Warden. Wally B;ewer (founding Master) sails for uncharted waters.

2008 John Edmondson celebrates sixty years in Freemasonry in the presence of W.Bro. John Grumbridge APGM

2009 Chris Saville is to become Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary.

2009 Colin Rhodes (founding Chaplain) sails for uncharted waters

2010 Chris Saville is to become Provincial Grand Secretary.

2010 Sees a remarkable year with eight new members.

2011 Adrian Friend is appointed as a Provincial Steward.

2011 Continues this theme with  six more new members.

2011 August sees Chris Saville resign as Provincial Grand Secretary.

2011 December; The lodge celebrates forty years of existence.

2012 Starts well with three more candidates and two joining members, sadly Peter Lawrence, founding Junior Deacon passes.

2013 Sees another good year for 8406 with six more joining members and a candidate taking our membership to 43

2013 Charley Jones is awarded an active Provincial rank of DProvGReg.

2014 Two more joining members swells our happy band further.

2015 adds another initiate and four joining members.

2015 A cruel year sees the sailing to uncharted waters of John Edmondson, our last surviving founder, our IPM Charley Jones. Gordon Grenfield (founding Treasurer) and Ian Cruden also sail for uncharted waters.

2015  Chris Jones gets an active Provincial rank as ProvADC and Chris Saville attains Grand Rank.

2016 starts well with another initiate and two more in the pipeline. We also have another joining member. Sadly we lose father and son Ted and Brendan Martin, also Roy Howard, our organist and Michael Bailey.

2017 Hugh Gordon, our past secretary, passes.

2018 Adrian Friend is granted honorary membership in recognition of his services to 8406


2020 Covid 19 prevents the Lodge from meeting after February

2021 The Lodge resumes with an installation at Canterbury in July in preparation for its semicentenary





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