Trinity Mariners Logo

The Trinity Mariners' Lodge

No. 8406





The Banner was received into the Lodge on the 12th April 1980 and was dedicated by W.Bro. The Rev. Philip Louis Baycock, the Pr.G.Chaplain, in the presence of W.Bro. F. H. C. Woollaston, the Asst.Pr.G.M.

It was worked entirely by hand by W.Bro. W. E. Blewer, the Founding Master of the Lodge. It took a year to complete and contains no less than 108,000 stitches.

The Banner contains the Badge of the Lodge, a Cinque Ports' ship running before a fair wind such as we hope will always speed our Brethren safely home to port. The Lodge name and number is shown in the flags and pennants of the International Code so that all seamen may know us when they visit our Lodge.

You will perceive that the Celestial globe shows 17 stars representing the 17 Founders of the Lodge, while the Terrestrial globe shows Kent in its proper place at the centre of the world. The VSL is open for all to see and profit by its guidance.


 Update: After 40 plus years of use the banner was in a sorry state. In preparation for our fiftieth and with the kind help of Bro. Devine the banner has been professionally restored by   JLT Designs of London. The banner will be displayed at the next meeting Covid allows


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