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The Trinity Mariners' Lodge No. 8406.


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Should you require any further information on the Lodge then please contact our secretary by to email him.


We are an enthusiastic, Dover based, Lodge with several recent joining members and candidates, attracted to our Lodge by its growing reputation for ceremonial excellence and entertaining festive boards.


We try to maintain our nautical heritage at the festive board with the master being piped on board. We also display a line of signal flags and use firing glasses in the traditional manner to make our after dinner toasts. Fun and formality at the same time!




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June 2022: Sadly the decision has been made to close down this site purely on a cost basis. Costs have more than doubled over the last five years and we can no longer justify spending some £120 of members' money yearly on a lodge website. The website will cease to exist at the end of July when the URL needs renewing.



Dec 2021; 
The Lodge is back to meeting according to its normal schedule at Dover.

An air purification system is in use at the masonic hall, though ventilation remains poor.

Members are recommended to wear masks at meetings in line with UGLE guidance.

November 2021; The Lodge runs it's first social since the start of the pandemic with a Trafalgar Night celebration Click Here

The Lodge Golden Jubilee and banner rededication  Click Here